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Client Testimonials

At Satyananda Yoga Center in Austin, Texas, we want you to feel welcome each time you come to class. Find out what some of the students have to say about our services, instructors, and center by reading the testimonials below.

"Great to find a yoga center where teachers know what they are teaching, have excellent training, are knowledgeable, and have great insight into yoga. Whether beginner yoga, advanced, or other, it is all excellent. It is also good to know that the teaching comes from a long line of traditional, authentic teachers. They are interested in helping people. Not at all commercial. It is what we've been looking for. Attention to detail and something to take us further in yoga."

– Koyal at Citysearch

Pros: Thumbs up

"Ayesha is among the few thoroughly trained and professional Yoga teachers from one of the most reputed yoga schools in India. She knows what she is doing and is very caring in her approach to teaching. She takes the time to explain not only the benefits of the various poses, but also to provide caveats to overenthusiastic participants and to those with medical issues who should be careful with certain poses. She also has the most soothing voice - a definite plus for a yoga instructor. 
I would rate her classes at least a 9."

– freckles2 at Citysearch

Pros: Small classes providing personal attention. The center has a very relaxing atmosphere.

"I've been training with Satyananda Yoga Center for 10 years. This gentle method of yoga really works wonders for the mind and body, relieving stress and providing great, safe exercise. The teacher is very compassionate and well educated and individualizes every session for each person's specific needs. The location is really convenient if you live north or south area of Austin. My entire family has participated in different classes for kids and adults. This is the real deal, not someone with limited training pretending to teach authentic yoga."

– Anonymous 

Pros: The group class was tailored for each individual's specific needs. The teachers were excellent, genuine, and very knowledgeable. I highly recommend.