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Corporate Yoga


At your corporate office or location in the Austin area of Texas, USA.

Stress, tensions and anxiety releasing practices are taught, practices are excellent to counteract the effects of a sedentary lifestyle, relaxation practices such as shavasana, yoga nidra, energizing practices for the immune system and the mind; calming, connecting with our spirit, meditation practices and steps to meditation. 

Set the pace of your life! Change a corporate, hectic lifestyle to a pace that helps you to stay calm, focused, to concentrate, stay present easily, rejuvenate, stay connected within, maintain the bliss released through your home and work life.  

Increase efficiency, memory, attention span, good health, well being, stamina, vitality. 

Work clothes are fine for the practices taught, or you may wish to change, there is a space to do this if you prefer. Practices do not make you sweat. To quote some after a corporate yoga class, "I feel wonderful!".

Corporate yoga classes can be arranged at your corporate offices, firm, institution for a group of 10 to 18 adults. 

Mornings, Lunch time, evenings a time suitable to employees for a 45 minute yoga class. 

The class is structured for everyone; Or for different levels. 

The class is gentle, yet comprehensive. 

Yoga at work helps with efficiency, enthusiasm, less sickness, insurance, less medication, more energy for work, family, social life, a positive outlook, creativity. 

512 940 1510 or email to set up an appointment or to schedule classes at work.